Police Department

Lynwood Police Department

21460 Lincoln Hwy.
Lynwood, Illinois 60411

The Police Department is located in the Lynwood Municipal Complex which is at the intersection of Lincoln Highway and Glenwood Dyer Road.

Gregory Thomas - Chief of Police
Lawrence Weinbrecht - Police Commander
Jessie Hernandez - Police Commander

Kirk D. Marshall - Trustee for Public Safety

Emergency - 911
Emergency - (708) 758-6100 (Outside of Lynwood)
Non-emergency and for all other inquiries - (708) 758-4744

E-mail: police@villageoflynwood.net

Copies of police reports may be obtained in person or by mail at the police department, 7 days a week. If by mail, please be sure to include an explanation of what report you are requesting, date of occurrence, place of occurrence, persons involved, and the police report number (if you have it). Please allow 3-5 business days after the date of occurrence for the report to be processed by the records division. (Identification may be required to obtain the report)

If your vehicle has been towed by the police, a tow release must first be obtained at the police department prior to you claiming your vehicle. Vehicles will only be released to the registered owners, with proof of ownership, proof of insurance and a valid drivers license. If the owner of the vehicle does not have a valid drivers license, he/she must be accompanied by two persons with a valid drivers license (Identification is required, and all fees must be paid prior to the release)

In the mid 1960's, the first Lynwood Chief of Police Casimir Linkewicz, met with one of his officers, Peter DeMaio, who later became Chief when Chief Linkewicz retired. They sat Down to discuss a need to develop a logo for the Lynwood Police Department. As you observe the patch they designed, you will see two lions. They were chosen because they represent courage, bravery and leadership. The lions are positioned in balance across from each other. That positioning reflects the balance police officers must use between justice and mercy. The star represents authority. This logo has been in use ever since, worn proudly by the officers of the Lynwood Police Departments

Updated 10/12/22
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