Congrats to all of the 2020 Grads!

Congratulate all of the 2020 graduates!
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Not Pictured:
Jaden F. - T.F. South High School
Imari H. - Southern Illinois University
Alexis S. - T.F. South High School
Savonna H. - Heritage Middle School
Aaron J. - Nathn Hale Elementary School
Madison T. - T.F. South High School
Nora O. - Bloom Trail High School
Jerry H. Jr. - Prairie State College
Alonna B. - T.F. South High School
Destiny S. - Heritage Middle School
Modupe F. - T.F. South High School
Liah H. - Heritage Middle School
Jaidyn G. - Thayer Hill Middle School
Ryan W. - Illiana Christian High School
Tyler A. - T.F. South High School
Eli W. - Sandridge School
Craig H. III - Nathan Hale Elementary School
Shelah B. - Heritage Middle School
Nia W. - Southern Illinois University - Carbondale
Grant L. - Lincoln University
Sidney O. - University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign
Mo'Wae S. - Sandridge School
Chloe G. - Outreach Exceptional Learning Academy
Shaunte R. - T.F. South High School
DeAnte D. - Prairie State College
Garrett H. - Governors State University
Bryan M. - Calvary Academy
Glory I. - Heritage Middle School
Kaleb I. - Heritage Middle School
Harmony J. - Heritage Middle School
Ziaria S. - Thornwood High School
Aniyah R. - Heritage Middle School