Storm Water Management

Mission Statement:

Storm Water Management is important to everyone as it attempts to protect our environment by protecting waterways including streams, ditches, lakes etc. By instituting stormwater management practices, we are trying to have rules that will stop discharges into the waterways that would be harmful.

What is Storm Water?
Storm Water starts as water from the sky such as rain, snow and hail. Once the water comes into contact with the ground it is then called runoff. Once this water hits the ground it most likely becomes contaminated with things like dirt, fertilizers, road salt, oils and fluids from all types of vehicles that previously dripped on driveways and streets, oils from asphalt roofing and any other types of debris it comes in contact with as it flows to the storm sewer system. The drainage system is a series of catch basins and drainage ditches that collect and channel runoff from streets, driveways, sidewalks, parking lots and vegetated land surfaces.

So why is Storm Water a problem?
The problem with storm Water is once it comes in contact with everything described above it carries these debris to the storm sewer system which eventually flows to our streams, ditches, lakes and ponds contaminating the water ways when it is mixed with them. This affects everyone’s ability to use the water for such things as swimming, drinking, and fishing. This contaminated storm Water also affects the quality of the aquatic life in our water ways.

What can I do to help?
Remember only rain in the drains is the statement we should all be using. Please help us keep storm drains clean of debris, if you see someone dumping anything into the storm sewers, please notify the Police Department or Public Works immediately.

The links and items below should provide you with information on what we are doing to meet Storm Water Management requirements.