The Public Works/Water Department is responsible for the roads, sewers, water, garbage and recycling collection, and maintenances of infrastructure within the Village.

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January 2024
Lynwood Resident
Re: Mailbox Condition
Dear Resident:
                The Public Works Department is suggesting that all residential mailboxes located in Lynwood    be inspected by homeowners to determine their condition.  The inspections should be done yearly to determine if heavy snow can damage or knock down mailboxes in poor condition. The Public Works Department is only suggesting that if you need to replace or repair your mailbox you do so before the snow season.  The Public Works Department is NOT responsible for mailboxes knocked over due to heavy snow being plowed.
                Problems found throughout the village include rotted posts, leaning posts, broken/spilt posts and or cross bars, missing pieces including doors, smashed/dented boxes, boxes hanging over the curb, rusted boxes, posts or boxes that are tied together with string, bungee cords or tape, and posts already wedged into the ground with stakes.  The village mailbox ordinance also states that mailboxes should be set back so that the front of the mailbox is at least 6” but no more than 15” from the back of the curb.  NO mailbox should be closer than 6” to the back of the curb.
  • As stated the Public Works Department is NOT responsible for repairing mailboxes that are damaged, bent or knocked down due to weight of snow being plowed by village snow plows. We DO NOT repair or replace broken mailboxes.
  • If a new brick mailbox is going to be built a building permit and inspection is going to be required.
If you have any questions about the condition of your mailbox, please contact us for an explanation.
Dan Lebeter, Superintendent (streets)
Lynwood Public Works Department