2022 Garbage & Recycling Information

Lynwood Garbage Disposal - Homewood Disposal Service (mydisposal.com)

Chipper is done until March 2023

2023 Homewood Disposal Recycling Schedule

How do I get to the Village Hall, Police Department, Public Works & Water Departments and Fire Department?

Does the Village maintain the trees in the parkway?

Does the Village maintain the trees in the parkway?

Can I water my lawn anytime?

If the Village does any work in my parkway who repairs the damage?

Will the Village remove a dead animal carcass on public or private property?

When a sanitary sewer back up occurs, what should I do?

If I need my water shut-off for plumbing repair, can I get immediate service from the Public Works Department?

What do I do if I see water bubbling up or shooting up from the ground?

How is yard waste disposed of?

Why is my water bill so high?

How are streets plowed during snow events?

Where should I put the snow from my driveway?

What are my water rates?

What happens if my water is shut-off for non payment?

What do I do about my water account if I am moving in or out of the Village?

What happens if I had a check returned non-sufficient funds (NSF)?

What is the one call dig system known as Julie and how do I use it?

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Recycling Guide & Calendar

What are the Branch Pick up dates?