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The Year of Manifestation - 2024

We have been on quite a journey since May of 2021. Being mayor is one of those jobs where you go into it with all these grand ideas, hopes and dreams. Once you take that oath, you quickly learn that those ideas, hopes, and dreams were good but required more than one could anticipate. We continue to work through financial challenges, infrastructure issues, addressing the needs of the people and managing the daily curve balls, with the hope that one day we will see the fruits of our labor.

We are not there yet, but every time I drive down Glenwood Dyer Road and I look at the beautifully widened road that now has sidewalks and a bike path and I stop at the light on Torrence and look to my left to see Dunkin Donuts and then turn to my right to see BaM. I realize how far we have come. As I drive further down the road, I look to my left and see the future home of this equestrian university on the corner of Burnham, and then a little further down is the home of our new television production studio. Right before I cross the border, I look to my left and see the home of the new Lynwood carwash. It is at that point at which I am encouraged. You see these things started as ideas, then conversations, then months of planning, acquiring permits and now we are at the buildout stage. These are just a few of the projects that are near completion or will be completed and open this year. As I drive through these subdivisions, I marvel at all new homes that are being built. Lynwood is literally becoming everything that I hoped it would be.

That is why I am calling 2024 the year of Manifestation for Lynwood. Manifestation is the process of bringing something into your life using thought, attraction, belief, and hard work. The power to manifest allows you to take the desires of your heart and make them a reality. If you think it, feel it, and believe in it with purpose and optimism, with hard work and God’s help, it will become. All this hard work has brought us to the point where we entered 2024 knowing that 6 new businesses will be open and serving this community within the first half of the year. The best part is, we are not done. There is so much more that we are working towards that will enhance the quality of life for our residents.

And so, as I navigate my way through this year, I will rejoice in the things that are here and continue to focus on bringing more businesses, increasing our housing stock, and keeping us connected as a community. I will continue to speak life over the Village of Lynwood. With that, I have an expectation that abundance and prosperity is coming to Lynwood. I trust that all the needs of this village will be met. Lynwood will become a magnet for financial abundance, lucrative opportunities, and amazing people who want to live in the best kept secret in the southland. I believe that all that is due to us will be delivered to us in 2024. Together we will be diligent, maintain our positive outlook, live in a space of gratitude, remain united and watch this village flourish. I look forward to celebrating all that we have accomplished but more importantly, I look forward to working even harder for each of you. Happy New Year!

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