The Administrators for the Public Works Department are:

Crew Leaders………Rob Boehl & Grant Luff
Water Operators………Anthony Ferry & Samuel Garcia

Public Works/Water Department Administrative Assistant... Kahla Peay-West

Trustee Chairman - Rich Stephens

Our Public Works Chairman Trustee Rich Stephens is the member of the Village Board that works with the Public Works Department as its liaison to the Village Board.

The Public Works Department is assigned the responsibility of maintenance of public streets, public buildings, public parks, parking lots, street lighting, water and sewer systems and water billing and collections.

To report concerns about any of the items listed above or for sewer problems, water main breaks or leaks and storm damage please call the Public Works Department during work hours at 708-758-8434 and if its an emergency the Police Department at 708-758-4744.

For water billing questions please contact us at 708-758-8434.